Reasons to Love a Mama's Boy

They Snapchat, talk on the phone every day and always talk about personal problems with their mom. It’s unusual and sometimes annoying, but boys who love their moms are some of the best guys around. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not a piece of cake dating a mama’s boy. Some guys put their moms on a thrown so high not even Beyoncé could reach. But we know that not only are they respectful to you, but to all women in general. Their overbearing moms that drive you crazy shaped them into men that are sensitive and caring, so thank them instead of resist them!   

As long as he’s not always comparing your cooking to his mother’s or calling her to blame your relationship problems on you, count your blessings. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite mama’s boys and what they’ve taught us.

Kanye West

Kanye’s late mom is featured in a lot of his songs in the earlier part of his career. She raised him as a single woman and during that time, he realized how strong and intelligent women are. KUWTK fans can see the love and support that Kanye’s mom gave him that reflects on how he treats Kim. #KimyeForever

Richard Sherman

We all remember that Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercial that starred Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, and his mom that pretty much epitomized the Mama’s Boy. Despite Sherman’s father being a Compton gangster for much of his adolescence, Beverly Sherman had raised the Super Bowl champion to not only be a star athlete, but a scholar and philanthropist. In an industry littered with domestic abuse scandals, it’s apparent that men that respect their moms respect women.

Tripp (Failure to Launch)

When I think of a mama’s boy, Tripp is who comes to mind. Thirty years old, established, still has his mom make his bed every day. We love Tripp for his sensitivity and even though it takes some time, he’s husband material. 


Sandi Graham is rapper Drake’s “tiny hero” and he will remind us of his love for her with all of his adorable Instagram posts. We often see them court side at Toronto Raptor games and although we are low key jealous of Sandi, we love Drake for expressing his love and appreciation for his mom in his music and all over social media. If only Rihanna would love him as much as his mom does.

Remember that mama's boys can be emotional, sensitive and caring! It's important to be with someone who has mad respect for you, and you can see that by how well they treat their mama.

HC girls, have you ever dated a mama's boy? Let us know in the comments below