The Product that Will Change Your Period

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Thanks to our sponsor Diva Cup, I was able to try their cup for the first time ever. I am now their newest customer! I want to dedicate this week’s feature to not only showcase our sponsor but to also give you my honest feedback of the product. I hope it leaves with you new information and an interest in trying it out for yourself. I think you will find yourself just as satisified with their product as I was.


As of late, lots of research has come forth about all the harmful toxins and ingredients found in our tampons. I surely wasn’t aware of all the dangerous toxins that I was unwillingly putting into my body for the last ten years. I began to look into alternatives that I could start using such as Cora or Lola. These companies produce all natural tampons free of toxins and perfumes that are found in other brands. These were definitely appealing to me and I was about to become a first time subscriber to Lola until I was given the Diva Cup through our sponsorship. I am so pleased with the product and my choice of choosing the Diva Cup over tampons. It solves the mystery of the toxins I was unknowingly putting into my body because the cup is made from 100% silicone. In my opinion, the peace of mind knowing exactly what I’m putting into my body is the best part about the Diva Cup.

Another one of my favorite things about the cup is that it lasts my whole damn day. It's guaranteed safe to wear for up to twelve hours. I can put it in in the morning and don’t even have to think about it until I get home at the end of my day. Compared to tampons that are only good for an hour to maybe four hours, but even that’s pushing it. Not to mention the annoying leaking that happens with tampons. I haven’t had one single issue with leaking while using the cup. My biggest worry for leaking comes when I work out but the cup is work out tested and approved from my experience! Might I add that it is also so comfortable that I don't even know it's there. I feel it less than I do a tampon.

It is recommended to take the product out while sitting over a toilet or while in the shower. My preferred choice is in the shower because you can wash the cup out at the same time. Thanks to its design, it’s reusable and washable. We love some eco-friendly products. As you research more into the cup, you might find warnings that using the product may cause you to pass out but that is rather misleading. I would like to clarify that the product itself does not cause you to pass out – the sight of your blood does. And I totally get that! Blood is frightening, especially when it’s your own. If you know that you have tendency to become queasy at the sight of blood then maybe this product shouldn’t be your go to. Keep on with your preferred menstrual products, girl!


I feel as though there is some stigma surrounding Diva Cups. I also don’t know a lot of women who use or have used the cup. Perhaps it’s because the product isn’t well known or maybe it’s due to the uncertainty surrounding the product. I was the only member in our HC club willing to happily try it out. That being said, some of our members don’t have a monthly period thanks to their birth control so they don’t have to worry about tampons or cups. However, there was a lot of uncertainty and perhaps a little fear among other members about trying the cup. After using it for two cycles, I can assure there are zero worries I've had. While sharing my experience with girlfriends or family, the general consensus of the feedback has been “Gross! There’s no way I’m sticking my fingers up there”. First of all ladies, what’s the difference between sticking a silicone cup up there as opposed to a cotton tampon? Sure, you don’t have to actually insert your fingers but that’s not the case with applicator-free tampons. And if we’re really going there, we insert other things in our vaginas for sexual pleasure. What’s so offputting about inserting something that provides relief during a natural cycle of your female body? I would even go as far to say that if you find yourself having these thoughts, maybe the cup would be a good start for you to get more comfortable with your lady parts. There’s no shame in taking ownership and familiarity with YOUR body.

The cup comes with instructions on how it should be properly inserted. The method behind its function is by suctioning around the tip of your vagina to collect your body's discharge. Due to the suction design, it prevents leaking. There are three sizes, Model 0 is for ages 18 and under, Model 1 for ages under 30, and Model 2  for ages over 30. It can be found online or in most drugstores for $40 retail. At first, that sounds rather spendy. But let’s take a second and think about how much money we spend on tampons per year. At $9-$12 per box, that we have to purchase almost monthly, that’s nearly $144 every year that we reluctantly have to put towards hygiene products. The cup can save you upwards of $100 per year. That’s a new purse or a couple of date nights all thanks to saying buh-bye to tampons.


All this to say, I think the cup is highly worth trying. It has so many benefits to offer you. I know it won’t be suitable for everyone, but it’s at least worth trying. Educate and empower yourself over your menstrual cycle.

If you use or have used the Diva Cup, let us know your feedback!


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