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Is this Product the Key to Perfect Summer Skin?

Summer is just around the corner, which means wearing a lot less makeup for some. If I want to feel comfortable enough to not wear makeup, my skin needs to be in pretty good shape. And with my combination skin, it can be a challenge finding something that hydrates without being too oily. I recently came across the Innisfree Cica Balm and was instantly intrigued. This product claims to build a protective barrier on the skin while also improving the look of uneven skin. I tired out this product for a few days, and I can honestly say that I’m impressed. I replaced this product with my moisturizer, and it left my skin feeling smoother everyday. Another great aspect to the Cica Balm is it’s not formulated with parabens, animal products, mineral oils, synthetic colors, or fragrances. The fact that this product does not contain those harmful chemicals means this product is suitable for most skin types.

The formula of this product delivers a light texture making the skin appear less oily, but still offers a hefty amount of moisture for those tough dry patches. After only a few days of using this product, I immediately saw a difference in the appearance of my skin. The life has been brought back into my skin, which is perfect for the coming warm weather.

If you want a moisturizer that doesn’t feel too heavy but still delivers a good amount of moisture, be sure and check out the Innisfree Cica Balm.


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