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This Product is a Game-Changer for Cat Owners

Like many cat owners, I have tried numerous times to reduce the smell of my cat’s litter box. No one likes ammonia-filled lungs, and after many different attempts, I finally found something that helped decrease the smell. If you listen to a podcast, you’ve probably heard your hosts talk about Pretty Litter. I heard through one of my many true-crime podcasts and decided, what harm could it do?

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Getting the litter was a pretty simple process. I went to their website and signed up for a monthly supply that is delivered to me and even got a discount using the promo code from one of my podcasts. After receiving the product, I was a bit skeptical because the directions said to dump the entire bag into your litter box and not change it until the next bag is delivered. If you’ve used clay litter, you know you have to change it every few weeks to get rid of any excess odor or waste. The directions also recommended mixing the new litter in with your old litter to let your cat get used to it, but I said screw that and just dumped the whole thing in. 

Both of my cats use the new litter with no issues, and I have definitely noticed a lack of smell coming from their litter box! The only downside to having cats, in my opinion, is the litter box, but Pretty Litter solved that issue. The litter even changes colors to indicate the health of your cat’s urine, which is just an added bonus! You do have to shake around the litter every day so that urine doesn’t build up at the bottom, and it doesn’t clump so you only have to dispose of their poop.

I would highly recommend Pretty Litter for any cat owner! Having a litter box that doesn’t smell makes having cats all the better.  

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