The Polynesian Powerhouse that is Glendal Tautua


Glendal Tautua is more than meets the eye. Yes, he has an amazing “man-bun” and an infectious laugh, but he is so much more than that. G is one of those people who can brighten your day by just simply saying hello. Even if Glendal isn’t on campus for class, there is a good chance you’ll still be able to find him. Glendal works in the Center for Diversity and Social Justice as a student programmer and he is involved in CWU’s Polynesian club. Luckily even with his busy schedule, Her Campus was able to snag some of his time to get to know more about him, and here is what we found out…

Full Name: Glendal Tautua

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii till 11 years à Seattle, Washington for the rest!

Nicknames: G, G money, G-nasty, G- (insert adjective here).

Year: Crossing my fingers that it’s my last time as a senior!

Major: Public Relations

Relationship Status: Undeservingly taken

Club involvement on campus: President of the crazy yet undeniably cool Polynesian club; Poly Central. “Yall know PolyFest is lit!”

Favorite way to spend free time: hmmm…I’d be lying if I said anything but eating, but napping comes at a close second.

Who is your biggest influence? My mommy and 2 pac of course.

What gets you out of bed each morning? Honestly? F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out) and I guess going to class.

What are some interesting facts about you? I have a passion for working with inner city youth and I’m deathly afraid of chainsaws. Don’t ask why. I just am.

What has been the highlight of your CWU career so far? Being able to help students like me find resources, get involved and most of all graduate! And weekend turn-ups. Can’t forget about those.

Words to live by: Happiness is an inside job. Don’t look for it anywhere else.

What is your biggest goal in life? To help people. I never had much, and if I can help even just a few people my life would be complete. I also want fame but eh, I can live without it.

What advice would you give to CWU new comers? Be yourself, manage your time and have fun. Your priority is to graduate but having fun is mandatory!

What is your biggest stress reliever? Laughing! Sometimes I try to make myself laugh. I end up looking pretty stupid, but it relieves all the stress. If you see me around campus, chances are I’m laughing.

Just for fun….

Favorite food spot in Ellensburg: I’m very particular about food sooooo: Campus U-tote-em’s triple burger, Oyama’s combo fried rice, or Brooklyn’s Pizza on a Wednesday. Wednesday’s are free small pizza with a pitcher night!

Favorite date idea in town: I’ve always wanted to set up a nice dinner at the water tower. Candles leading to a nice decorated table with a sunset view of Ellensburg. Maybe some fireworks? Ooooo that sounds nice.

Since Glendal is so involved on campus, next time you see him, give a smile or say “hey!” and he is bound to return the gesture. Keep up the good work G! We here at Her Campus thank you for all that you do outside of the classroom!