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Polaroid Cameras: A Piece of the Past Coming Back to Life

To the alpha generation, polaroid cameras are a foreign concept. The idea of using a separate device seems completely out of the ordinary, but to generations before like our parents and even our grandparents, the polaroid camera was a breakthrough in the photography game. The idea that you could take a picture and have it pop right out into the palm of your hand and have a moment in time that you can keep with you forever was like magic. You could keep that photo with you anywhere because of its unique size. But then what happened to the camera game? Smartphones.

Smartphones took over the idea of having a traditional camera like a polaroid or even those fun disposable cameras that you had to drop off and pick up your photos in an hour. Rather than having the anticipation of waiting to see how your photos would turn out, you now could see them with a click of a button on your phone. It now has got to the point that you can even edit your photos and post them directly to any social media platform imaginable.  Even now they are developing apps that treat your smartphone like a disposable and polaroid camera just so you can get that “feel” of that vintage or retro camera.

developing film camera
Photo by Immo Wegmann from Unsplash

So why are we bring back the polaroid camera? In my opinion, it’s to bring back that living in the moment feel. We’re trying to take ourselves out of the digital age and back to when we could enjoy making memories. We are not worrying about posting to social media platforms to get likes. The use of a polaroid camera now is to collect the moments and embrace them as they happen. Creating works of art as they happen.

My name is Katelyn Richardson. I am 27 years old. I am currently attending Central Washington University studying my bachelors degree in food and sciences to become a nutritionist and later a diabetes educator for kids. I've been personally battling type 1 diabetes since I was six years old. I love being outside, vintage shopping, watching movies, and going to stock car races!
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