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In astrology, the ascendant is known as the persona - but that’s truly an oversimplification. To get a full understanding of your persona, there are four placements you need to look at, one of which naturally is the ascendant.

The ascendant or rising sign is a key component of your persona - it’s the first impressions you give off and how you socialize. It also tells you how you express yourself in conversations and group settings. The rising sign is super important and can give you an idea of your personality according to astrology and affects many other aspects of your life like your body and appearance, but to fully grasp the persona you have to look deeper.

The descendant is the sign on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel as your rising, it’s an easy sign to identify as it is usually your rising sign’s sister sign, but depending on the degree, it can be different. Hence, it’s best to use a trusted website or astrologer to figure this one out. The descendant will show you the parts of your personality you don’t recognize and what traits you look for in your chosen people. 

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The next aspect that it’s important to know to understand your overall persona is your Midheaven or the highest point in the sky when you were born, which can be described as the mask you wear in public. This aspect is how you are seen by strangers or acquaintances - the quick judgments we make based on one moment. Your Midheaven placement will tell you if people see you as confident, charming, mysterious, etc., all before getting to know you. 

The final relevant placement is the imum coeli, which is opposite to the Midheaven, so the lowest point in the sky at your birth represents who you are with your favorite people, the ones who know you the absolute best. It also represents your innermost wants and needs, even if you cannot recognize them within yourself. 

These four placements make up your personality and will give you a far clearer picture of yourself than you’d have just looked at your rising sign. I recommend taking the time to study your placements and get to know yourself through the eyes of others.

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