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A wise woman once said, “I can be a better boyfriend than him.” For me, that is true, so if you want your significant other to do better, send them this article so they can get some tips from a lesbian who “deserves to be in the girlfriend hall of fame.”

If they don’t do better after this… look, I’m not saying dump them but consider it.

Alright, hello, partners of people who read this article and said they need to know this sh*t like yesterday. For one reason or another, your partner is feeling a little or perhaps a lot underappreciated. I am here to help you learn how to do one simple thing that is pretty much guaranteed to make your girl, guy, lover, or lovers feel like you care. Today you will be learning how to post cute pictures of your partner on a social media platform, mainly Insta or Tik Tok. While this may seem like a difficult task now, my foolproof steps will have you posting your s/o like a pro in no time.

The first step, which is more like step 0.5, is simple enough: have pictures of your significant other. These can be their favorite pictures of themselves, pictures you have together, or snaps they’ve sent you that you’ve saved for one reason or another. One of the easiest ways to always be prepared for this snap is when they send you a picture on Snap that makes your heart flutter and your knees weak. Save it immediately and make a specific album just for pictures of them. This is a surefire way to always have pictures together and a great way to keep them organized. You can even make timeline posts of your relationship this way.

Now that all the picture basics are out of the way let’s get into step 1, picking the photos or even videos you want to use for the post. Depending on the occasion, certain photos might fit better. For example, an anniversary post should include pictures of you together. Whereas a birthday post can be your favorite pictures of them being silly or the ones you think they look the best in. If you’re as much of a simp as me, you’ll have quite a few pictures to choose from but remember the max for Insta is ten which means if you have more, throwing them into a collage or even making a Tik Tok will allow you to show them off a little more. No one is going to be upset about that.

Now that you have your pictures picked, outcomes step 2. Step 2 is figuring out the order you want your pictures. My favorite technique for this varies based on your reason for posting. I always start with the absolute best picture of the ones I’ve selected for birthdays. After their best photo, I typically include eight others, and the last photo is either a candid of them that melts my heart, a silly video of them, or a picture where you look so in love; Cupid would be jealous. For anniversaries, I find that a relationship timeline through pictures feels more heartfelt. This is just in my nonprofessional opinion, so feel free to mix it up.

Step 3 is writing a caption. This is the hardest part because it involves putting your feelings into words and conveying your tone without anyone being able to hear your voice, but I still have a few pointers. Captions on these posts can go a few different ways depending on the type of couple you and your partner. The main types usually seen are as follows; inside jokes that only they would get, some loving teasing, a sappy heartfelt message, or if you’re more of a Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds couple, straight up roasting. My personal preference is to include a little of all of these in one short paragraph. I don’t think most people even read captions, but if they do, I have to make sure no one thinks I’ve gone too soft. 

Steps 4 and 5 go hand in hand and are the most important steps. Step 4 is to tag your significant other in the post cause duh! And finally, step 5 is to hit that little post button and send your gross sweet proclamation of love out into the world.

Look at those five simple steps to show your partner some appreciation and if you aren’t a very public couple and you know that they would rather have something small, guess what? You can follow these same steps, but instead of posting it to the public, you can send it directly to them, which is incredibly sweet.

All I’m saying is it doesn’t take much to show your partner that you care about them; this is just one way that maybe they’d like, so if you were sent this and got this far into the article, give it a try it may be just what they need today to remember you care. Best of luck, but I don’t think you’ll need it with this guide.

Happy posting!

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