The Packing Essentials for Spring Break Travel

As we are all looking forward to warmer weather and new seasonal outfits, spring and summer are coming soon once the last bit of snow stops. Last August I traveled with my boyfriend on a three-week vacation to the East Coast as we visited New Hampshire to see my grandparents, and New York for an extravagant engagement party. I am returning to New York and Long Island again this summer with my boyfriend for the wedding of the couple I met. Having been on this considerably long trip that took a portion of my summer, there were many necessary items I packed and bought along the way to make my experience more enjoyable and not a sweaty disaster. The city can be a hot mess with thousands of people walking around, food vendors every block, and the sun beaming down on everyone’s faces. Here are some of the items that I couldn’t imagine surviving without in summer within the city and are great tips for your spring break trips too!

Sunglasses (2 pairs)

Whenever you travel specifically in the summer, it becomes clear that you’re going to need some eye and skin protection from the sun and its exposure. Every fashionista should bring along two pairs of sunglasses with one being super cheap in case it is damaged, and one pair being fancy and unique to wear on special outings. Having both will allow you to switch out the two depending on your agenda.


Cross-Body Purse

The City of New York is a very crowded and busy place with thousands of individuals roaming the streets. We don’t know obviously what everyone’s intentions are, but there is always the chance in any busy area full of tourists that there is pick-pocketing. To keep an eye on your belongings and to keep them safe, having a cross-body purse will help. Not only does a kind of purse like this have easy accessibility for you in the front towards your side, but it can also make you feel secure that there is a smaller risk in getting your belongings stolen in plain sight of you.


Body Powder

I think all women as summer lovers enjoy wearing shorts, skirts, and tank tops on hot days. These summer articles of clothing should not stay feeling uncomfortable though from armpits and thighs rubbing together. If you want to look your best, why not enjoy wearing the outfit while feeling comfortable? Body powders such as Summer's Eve or even Johnson's Baby Powder will help reduce rubbing and itching if you apply before heading out. I have had this uncomfortable disaster numerous times while walking around all day exploring and that is why I personally recommend this beauty hack.


The list could go on forever of how many items I have utilized to successfully make it out of a scorching summer in the city however, I chose the items that seemed the most beneficial for any spring or summer travel. Always remember that if there’s anything you forgot to pack, you can always find most summer essentials such as sunscreen and cheap sunglasses at drug stores once you’ve reached your destination. Happy soon-to-come spring and summer traveling and beat the heat!