“Not in Our KittCo”, is a movement that works toward stopping hate and promoting an inclusive community within Kittitas County. It is part of a larger movement called “Not in Our Town”, which supports the end of hate, bullying and also works towards to developing more tolerating and inclusive communities worldwide. With the belief that change starts at a local level, this movement inspires communities like Kittitas County to take charge and try to make a significant change by joining and promoting togetherness within their own communities.

The first peace march of Not in Our KittCo, occurred last year inspiring so many people in our own community to join this incredible movement. The second peace march took place this week on November 13th, many are considering this to be an essential and annual event to attend to show their own support for the need of an inclusive community here in Kittitas County.

With how much hate and despicable actions taking place in the world today, it is important to always take a higher road to show love and understanding of others above all. Understanding one another's cultures and views is vital in creating strong relationships and peace worldwide. Whether you agree with others views or not, it is important to speak for others who cannot, when faced with adversity. While some obtain more privilege than others, it is critical to speak, support and stand up for inclusive communities worldwide.


If you are interested in joining this powerful movement make sure to check the Not in Out Kittco Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events. CWU is a huge supporter in the movement to end hate so most marches and events are posted in the SURC and around campus!