Netflix and Laugh

Netflix is one of the greatest things ever. Not only do you get to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, but there’s a whole new world of content you’ve never seen or totally forgot about! Here are just a few funny shows that never fail to disappoint. 


The Office

The Office first aired in 2005 and lasted for eight years. The show is set at a paper company, Dunder-Mifflin, in a small town called Scranton. Their jokes are near and far, raunchy and cheesy, stupid and slapstick, but it’s so addicting. So if you ever need a good laugh, early 2000s Steve Carell is the perfect man for you!


Parks and Recreation 

People pretend to either be Team Office or Team Parks and Rec, but honestly, it’s really likely that everyone is a little bit of both. Parks and Recreation aired from 2009 – 2015 and is about a woman who just wants to be taken seriously in her community and workplace. This show has a similar comedic level as The Office but actually has some lessons to learn throughout it! 


Nailed It!

Nailed It! Is about ‘home bakers’ who can do ANYTHING but bake. It’s a chance to face the reality that baking truly isn’t as easy as it looks but it’s definitely worth a try . . . This show released on Netflix in 2018 and now has three seasons. There is a famous French baker that is a part of each episode and he helps the contestants when they need it so you actually learn while you laugh at other people!


Schitt$ Creek 

This is a sitcom of an extremely wealthy family who ends up becoming completely broke. The Rose Family consists of a businessman for a father, soap opera star as the mom, a ditzy non-law-abiding daughter, and a fashion-loving son! This is a great show to watch no matter what mood you’re in because it always serves laughs and makes fun of rich people learning how to be poor. 


Jane the Virgin 

Since 2014, this show has been blessing Netflix with twists and turns of a telenovela. This show acts as a telenovela and is about a teen virgin mom, you find out what happens shortly after the show starts, who ends up leading an amazing life with all the drama of a Mexican soap opera. Murder, betrayal, kidnappings, amnesia, marriage, scandals, and more. There is a huge comedy factor that makes this show easy to love and fun to watch! 


These are just a few shows that are will keep you coming back for me, make you laugh, and brighten up your day too! Binge or watch just a few episodes but pop some corn just in case!