My Top Ten Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages

Super Smash Bros, quite possibly my favorite game of all time, is a cult classic when it comes to open brawl type games. While my personal favorite is the GameCube edition, Melee, SSB Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is the newest and most diverse edition of the game yet. A perfect mix of classic and current, everyone no matter their experience level can have fun. Realizing that the 84 options of stages to choose from can be overwhelming, I dedicated more hours than I’d like to admit to playing every stage. Analyzing them to create a comprehensive ranking of what in my opinion, the top 10 stages in Super Smash bros Ultimate.  


Hyrule Temple

One of if not the best stage of all the smash editions. Big stage, plenty of room on top for classic whack arounds with not to invasive platforms, and of course the death chamber underneath making it so iconic. Get anywhere from two to ten people down there and it’s mayhem no matter what. A good time had by all on this map.  

Hyrule Castle

Good for large or small battles, the various sections of the map keep it interesting without inhibiting gameplay too much. The tornados and bounce chamber on the right make for great twists.  

Great Bay

One of my personal favorites this stage is not only pretty but as a turtle! Small but big in its own ways, the stage provides room for close combat, balloon bounce recoveries, and a nice swim if you get too hot.  

Lylat Cruise

Wonderful stage with nice movement and simple yet unique platforms. You get to zoom around in space as well which is always a bonus in my books. One of the more underrated stages in my opinion.  

Kalos Pokemon League

My personal favorite of the Pokemon leagues simply for the graphics. Solid basic stage, a good platform for any size battle.  

Pokemon Stadium

A classic and pretty basic but man, it’s the pokemon stadium, the crowd cheers your name, what could be better. Great for any sized fight.  

New Pork City

A real surprise here folks, the death cat, the wonderful music, neon animation, and the very large yet still navigable stage was delightful. 

3D Land

An auto-scroll stage with personality! Lots of obstacles which add flavor but not too many that it becomes distracting. Personally, auto scrolls can be hit or miss for me but this stage changes the scenery up enough and has a good pace for battle.  


A top contender for me, battling on a plane is fun and makes for a nice change of scenery while still being a stationary stage. The two leveled plane with a wing in the middle can separate a large battle and gives ample room to run around in a 1 v 1.  

Jungle Japes

One of my personal favorites. The small, intimate map that tests your reaction time if you fall into the raging river below. Act quick and you can jump out, but any hesitation and you’re done for. Minimal upper platforms provide for a divided yet even playing ground destined for a good brawl.  

Even if you don’t agree with my rankings, I’d hope that you’d try out these stages as they are a guaranteed good time for you and your friends, or just for you grinding. I’d like to make a small shoutout to the DLC stage Mementos which couldn’t make the rankings purely because it is a DLC, yet it still slaps. Now go forth and smash my friends. Just remember to have a fun, shield and dodge like heck, and beware of Kirby’s down B.