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Watching anime is one of my favorite activities to partake in when I have some leisure time. I’ve watched quite a few, not all of which are included in this list obviously. I consider myself to have a pretty good taste, so I decided to share some of my favorites. These are in no particular order!

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu

Definitely one of my favorite shows, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has it all. The characters are all written phenomenally, the plot is gripping and includes twists that are actually good, and combines fantasy with action perfectly. The story follows two brothers searching for a Philosopher’s Stone after one loses their entire body and the other loses two of their limbs in an attempt to bring their dead mother back to life using alchemy. If you want to genuinely enjoy the plot of the show, I would recommend not searching anything more about it. I honestly can’t recommend it enough, it’s worth every second. 

The Seven Deadly Sins

Where to watch: Netflix

This show is one of my most recent binges and it was super good. This is the type of show where you’re always guessing who the true villain is. Also, I’d suggest not judging the show by the first episode. Each character has a great backstory, there is gripping action and suspense, and the show includes some romance for you drama-lovers out there. The story follows a princess named Elizabeth and a group called the Seven Deadly Sins (surprise, surprise) and their battles and adventures with demons, fairies, gods, monsters, and all sorts of things. A new season comes out next year which is exciting!

Death Note

Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu

Death Note is the first anime I ever watched, and it did not disappoint. The story follows Light Yagami, a high-schooler that discovers a notebook that kills whoever’s name is written in it. It’s really gripping, and honestly, I’ve never seen anyone say anything bad about it. Death Note is a supernatural psychological thriller type show, and I’d greatly recommend it to pretty much anyone.


Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu

Again, this is a fantasy anime with great action and romance scenes incorporated into it. Plus, a love triangle, which is always suspenseful, right? The story follows Kagome, a girl from modern times who slips back in time to feudal Japan, and Inuyasha, a half-demon, retrieving the pieces of a sacred jewel. This one really had me at the edge of my seat at times and has a great plot. I couldn’t get enough of InuYasha and I definitely recommend it!

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Samurai Champloo

Where to watch: Hulu

Samurai Champloo is a comedy-filled story about two sword-wielding men with opposite personalities and a girl named Fuu who asks them to come with her on a quest that takes them across Japan in order to find the “samurai who smells of sunflowers.” Not only is this show entertaining in that it’s really funny and action-filled, but the style of the anime is really unique and captivating. I’d highly recommend it.

Naruto: Shippuden

Where to watch: Hulu

This super-popular anime is so popular for a reason. If you haven’t watched Naruto yet, I’d probably recommend watching it first, but if you just wanna read some summaries and fill yourself in I suppose that works, too. There are nine seasons of this show, so it’s really a lot to describe, but very basically it’s about many conflicts between ninjas. The character development in this show is really amazing, the stories are all very deep, and on top of that, it’s filled with intense battles. It’s really a classic in my opinion, and it has an intense storyline with filler episodes that provide some temporary relief. 

Attack on Titan

Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu

This show is amazing. Basically, there are gigantic man-eating titans and groups of humans that fight the titans to protect humanity. This show is full of twists and turns and is another one that I couldn’t peel my eyes away from. It’s pretty bloody, but I mean what would you expect when watching a show about man-eating titans? I appreciate all the action in this show and I’m super excited for the fourth season, which should be coming out soon!


Where to watch: Netflix

This was my most recent watch, and I loved it. I think this anime could be considered horror, and it includes quite a bit of action. The story follows Shinichi, a high schooler whose right arm, but not his brain, is taken over by a parasitic creature from space. It’s pretty intense, and I loved every second of it. Literally, there was not a moment in this show that I disliked. It’s really unique and I’d highly recommend it!  

These are some of my top picks and I would highly recommend each and every one of them. I hope they don’t disappoint and enjoy the binge-watching!

Abby Duchow is a Wenatchee Valley College alum and current student studying Public Relations at Central Washington University. She enjoys listening to podcasts, online shopping, and petting cats. Abby almost entirely operates on caffeine, and hopes to one day expand her plant collection beyond just replacing the dead ones.
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