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Yes, yes, it’s true. I’m a huge theater nerd. I’ve been doing theater since I was in 6th grade. Ever since I played the Huntsman’s devil conscience in the most bizarre Snow White-hybrid production, I’ve been addicted. In my freshman year, members of my school’s musical went on to participate in an awards ceremony called “The 5th Avenue Theater Awards.” Basically, high schools in Washington could pay to have adjudicators come to their musical performances throughout the year and get nominated for Tony’s style awards. When they went, the lead actor in the musical who had been nominated won best actor in a musical! From there, he got to attend the National awards ceremony and compete. This, my friends, was called the Jimmy’s.

And here’s where the love of my life, Ms. Reneé Rapp comes in.

Reneé won best actress at the 2018 Jimmy awards for her role in her high school’s production of Big Fish, where she played Sandra Bloom. From there, she went on to get many huge musical theater roles and eventually, it was announced that she would be taking over for Taylor Louderman in Mean Girls on Broadway, starring as Regina George. She singlehandedly managed, at nineteen years old, to land a role on Broadway. Incredible.

For the rest of the run, until COVD hit, Reneé stole the spotlight. She was the most unique and freshest new take on the role. She was unequivocally herself on the stage. She never attempted to replicate anyone, bringing her personality into everything she did. Every note of every song came from her heart, which, at the time, is what little seventeen-year-old Anna needed. I’ve learned from people like Reneé that being yourself is a surefire way to bring all of yourself to the stage. I’ve found that since COVID and discovering her, that I’ve landed more roles than ever. I’m also much less nervous than I was before heading into an audition, and people like Reneé inspired that.

It’s still crazy to me that she’s so close in age to me, but is doing so much. Reneé has since begun her TV and music career, being cast in The Sex Lives of College Girls in 2021 and releasing her first EP in November of 2022. She is an icon by every definition.

If you get the chance, go listen to her latest release, it’s one of the best releases of music I’ve heard this year by far.

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Good lord, give the woman a Grammy already!

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