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My Favorite Drinks to Get From Coffee Stands

Throughout my life I have spent a lot of money on caffeinated beverages. Like, A LOT of money. I’ve definitely found some favorites over the years, so I thought I’d share my drinks with people who might want to branch out their coffee orders! These caffeinated drinks can be made either iced or hot, but I usually get my drinks hot.

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Hazelnut or pumpkin spice americano with a splash of heavy cream

Depending on the time of the year, I really like a good americano with either hazelnut or pumpkin. Even just a plain americano with heavy cream is good. When I order from Starbucks I like to get this drink with blonde roast espresso shots.

Green apple and kiwi Red Bull with cream

One of my go-to's for a caffeine fix, I started getting green apple because blue raspberry just wasn’t sour enough for me. Then I started getting kiwi in it too, and voila, the perfect flavors to pair with Red Bull, in my opinion. I also really like just green apple Red Bulls with cream, watermelon Red Bulls with cream, and strawberry Red Bulls with cream.

Vanilla breve

A breve is basically a latte, except instead of being made with milk it’s made with half and half. It’s super rich and creamy, and with some vanilla in the drink it’s perfect. If it’s from Starbucks I like it with the blonde roast espresso shots much better than the regular roast.

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Blue Lotus with coconut flavor

If you’ve never tried Lotus before, it’s basically a syrup that has caffeine in it mixed with soda water. There are a few different types of lotus, but blue is my favorite. While you can get it plain, pair it with coconut and it’s super yummy.

Anything with white coffee

White coffee is basically coffee that’s been roasted for a shorter time than regular coffee. The darker the roast, the less caffeine, and white coffee has a lot of caffeine. The taste is super light and kind of nutty, and it tastes good in pretty much any type of coffee drink. I’d suggest asking for around half the regular amount of flavoring if the drink has white coffee in it though, or else the drink is overwhelmingly sweet. I also usually get a couple of extra shots when I get white coffee, too.

So there you have it! Hopefully, some of my favorite drinks inspire you to try something new on your next coffee run!

Abby Duchow is a Wenatchee Valley College alum and current student studying Public Relations at Central Washington University. She enjoys listening to podcasts, online shopping, and petting cats. Abby almost entirely operates on caffeine, and hopes to one day expand her plant collection beyond just replacing the dead ones.
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