My Big, Fat Greek Vacation

This summer, I got to go on the trip of a lifetime with my sister. We started in Venice, Italy, and then hopped on a cruise through the Greek islands. Both my sister and I have traveled before, but this time was a little different. We were traveling without our family in a foreign country for the first time. And while it was very daunting at first, we felt safer than expected. 

The people of Greece were INSANELY welcoming, and nearly everyone knew how to speak English. I usually try to learn some basic vocabulary when going to a different country, but we didn’t need to speak any Greek throughout the entire trip. 

Source: Erynn Brown

Our first stop was Argostoli, a port town that offered amazing seafood and scenery. We even spotted multiple sea turtles while walking on the boardwalk.

Next up was the famous Santorini, my favorite stop on the trip. We stayed in the capital of the island for the time we were there, and walked through the ever-winding streets. The white buildings housed hundreds of shops and restaurants that we occupied our time with. We ate nothing but tzatziki and bread for the whole day, and honestly,  I was not complaining. 

Source: Erynn Brown

We then traveled to Mykonos, a quaint beach town famous for its nightlife. While we didn’t get to go clubbing (unfortunately), we spent the day at the beach and wandered through the shops and cafes.

After Mykonos, we set sail for Katakolon, a town known for housing the first-ever Olympics. We got to spend another day at the beach drinking aperol spritz under a palapa (rough, right?) and then headed back to the port. 

Our final stop was Bari, Italy. This town was interesting because it wasn’t known for anything in particular. We immediately got lost in a residential area, and not in the fun ‘wander lost’ type of way. It was pretty anxiety-inducing, but then we pulled out trusty Google Maps and found our way back to the main square of the town. We shopped around for a bit and ate the most amazing pasta.

Our trip to Greece was one that I will never forget. It definitely should be on everyone’s bucket list!


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