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My 5-Product, 5-minute Get Ready Routine

Just like every other 20 something, I’m always running short on time. Although I would love to get 8 hours of sleep, have a 4.0, and have time to do a full beauty treatment every day, that just isn’t possible. I’m an athlete and I’m lucky if I have 10 minutes in the morning to throw on anything but sweats. But I have nailed my 5-minute make up routine which consists of 5 easy products.

  1. Aurora x Ipsy pro cover-up concealer – I can’t live without concealer! It is so quick and easy and helps hide any redness or bags (okay usually just the bags) under my eyes.
  2. Ciate London matte bronzer – I love matte bronzer because I don’t really need a super tan, sparkly bronzer for my 10 AM Tuesday class. It gives a nice smooth finish but isn’t too much for daily make up.
  3. Pixi by Petra blush & highligher Combo – Ah the perfect combination! This mix balances adding just enough color to my cheeks with a little bit of highlight to bright up my face. I am obsessed, to say the least.
  4. Eyeko London Skinny liquid eyeliner – I am by no means an eyeliner expert so I’ve found liquid pens stay on for super long and are relatively easy to use. This way I don’t end up with my wings looking absolutely unalike.
  5. Lights, Camera, LASHES Tarte Mascara from the HC Survival Kit – The crown jewel of any look: the perfect mascara! Mascara can transform any look and bring so much life to my eyes, and this Tarte mascara is the absolute BEST.I hope this quick guide can help ease up your morning routine and maybe spark a new idea the next time you have to rush through your beauty routine.
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