My 3 Ride or Die Skin Care Products

There’s always a secret isn’t there? Everyone has their holy grails or there claimed "ride or die" products that they use religiously. My skin is personally super dry, so I do my best to use more hydrating facial creams or soothing hydrating night time moisturizers. Everybody’s skin is different, so if you have oily skin, then this might not be the exact article for you, but hey, keep reading there might be a product I recommend you can tell your friend about! If you have dry sensitive skin here are my 3-absolute ride or die skin care products.

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Creamy Formula Cleanser

This cleanser is so soft to the touch that it feels like you’re putting a watered blanket all over face (I promise it’s a good feeling).

Philosophy Micodelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash

Philosophies exfoliating facial wash will help make your skin clearer by removing dead skin cells and creating a well-balanced look to your complexion.

Sheamoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Face Lotion

My skin is so sensitive, that coconut oil helps my skin hydrated without it breaking out. Sheamoisture makes sure that your face is left with a hydrating glow using its pure coconut oil. Sometimes my skin will get so dry it will start to get rough, almost a rash, but with this baby right here, it helps my skin breath naturally through this hydrating face lotion.


Without these products my skin is completely off balance. I use these products in the morning and before bed. They are for sure my ride or die products. If you have dry sensitive skin and use other products leave me a comment! I’m always down to try new things.