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If you’re into crystals you’ve probably heard of moldavite, an ultra-powerful crystal known to change your life forever. Moldavite is found in the Czech Republic and was formed from the impact of a meteorite almost 15 million years ago, and since has been known to be one of – if not the most powerful crystal one could own. The energy that comes from this stone is so strong that many people can only wear it for short periods of time before the effects become too much but even in small doses, the effects are evident. 

Moldavite is known for fast-tracking your life to reach your higher self. It does this by removing any and all parts of your life now rather than allowing you to naturally do it. When looking at people’s experiences it can sound scary at first, people get out of long-term relationships, lose opportunities they thought they wanted, change majors, and quit their jobs and overall seem to be having a really negative experience. But, as time passes it becomes clear as to why these changes were needed and the outcomes are far better than what was left behind. The journey with moldavite is hard, and it seems sudden and emotionally draining deciding to get moldavite on a whim is not the best idea. You may not be ready for the specifics, but before getting your own piece, think if you’re ready to potentially change every aspect of your life in order to see your manifestations and dreams come true. 

If you’re debating on if it’s the right time, or you’re scared of the outcomes I wouldn’t recommend it – yet. You can truly feel the energy as soon as you hold moldavite in your hands for the first time. For me, my heart rate increased and my entire body felt hot and tingles ran up and down my arms and it was definitely intense but there was a sense of peace in knowing that I’m allowing the universe to guide me towards what I need, and I’m willing to change and grow to get there. That is the mindset I recommend to anyone who wants to own moldavite. If you aren’t ready for the emotional changes and overall life changes that can come with owning moldavite, that’s okay! Needing more time, or never feeling quite ready to take on this journey is perfectly okay and you should never feel pressured into doing anything you don’t feel ready for just because it’s coming trendy. You’ll know if trying Moldavite is right for you, and when it’s right for you there’s no need to rush.

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