Meghan Markle: More Than Just the Future Mrs. Prince Harry

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 2 years, you have heard all about the insatiable Meghan Markle. Not just a pretty face and a talent on the big and small screen, Meghan is a growing face in the realm of fashion and she has a clear passion for female empowerment and progression. Also, she was just engaged to Prince Harry.

Before we get lost in a flurry of “what will she wear the day she says I do?”, “Where is the baby bump?” and the inevitable,“How will she compare to Kate?” here’s what you need to know about Meghan Markle;

  • She graduated from the Northwestern University with a B.A. in Theatre and International Affairs

  • She founded her own lifestyle blogging website

  • She’s an advocate for gender equality and modern slavery awareness

  • She was a counselor for international charity 'One Young World'

  • She was in movies like: Remember Me (#TeamEdward) and Horrible Bosses and is most recognized for her roll as Rachel in Suits

And she did it all  before she was the future Mrs. Prince Harry.

Maybe no one noticed, maybe everyone is thinking it and doesn’t want to say it, but I am saying it. Can we please talk about how COOL it is that there is a biracial women in the Royal Family?

As someone who is biracial, I have gushed over men like Prince Harry, Prince William and David Beckham (basically British royalty) my entire life. Being biracial and having a mixed background, going your entire life choosing “other” on every legal document you’ve ever filled out, you don’t cast yourself as worthy to the royal family. Frankly, because you don’t see it often, if ever.

In no way am I impugning Meghan’s successes, her family heritage or who she is as a person. Meghan has a commendable reputation all on her own. But even if she doesn’t want to be, Meghan is now a catalyst for the biracial demographic. She’s making an example that you are what you are and you are not limited because you are half one race and half another. Whoever you marry is going to love you because of who you are as a person, not your genetic make up.

For Prince Henry of Wales to go from red-headed, gush worthy 'playboy' to future husband to a strong willed, educated, biracial beauty, is a huge step in a diverse direction. No matter what your background, who your parents are or what movie you were in, you can still marry a royal, and that is a beautiful thing.

Congrats to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, can’t wait to wake up at 5 am for the wedding next year!