Meal Prepping 101

New year, new goals. Everyone has that mindset coming into the new year. But instead of focusing on becoming a different person, focus on something that you maybe have lacked the year before. For example, I lacked meal planning and prepping for each week, and that was something I wanted to change coming into 2019. It’s been about two weeks now and meal prepping in college has got to be one of the smartest things that I have ever tried, and the outcome be a success! Here are some ways to help you start that 2019 healthy meal plan.

Meal Prep on Sundays

Sunday is a prime day to cook and get everything ready for all the different meals that you have planned for the following week. Quick tip: make meals that are easy to make large amounts of such as, rice, beans, veggies, and chicken to make sure it can span the week!

Pinterest is Your Best Friend

Pinterest has the most flavorful meals for healthy eating, and you have so many different options. (almost every girl has a Pinterest account so you don't have an excuse).

Plan For The Grocery Store

Know exactly what kind of meals you are making for the week and your grocery store run will be 100 times easier.

Enjoy What You Eat

Don’t make something you aren’t going to like, plan on making slight changes to make it a healthy meal!


Do you have any other secret weapons when it comes to meal prepping like a pro? Let us know in the comments below!