Little Ways to Feel Liberated

We all have a tendency to over analyze every decision we make, but we really don’t have to. Life is so much easier when you stop considering what others think and just do what makes you feel like your best self. Whether that makes you the only person wearing heels in a room full of flats or the other way around. “No one is you and that is your superpower.”

Raise Your Hand

At least one time per class discussion, we have all argued if we should comment or contribute. “Is that a relevant point? Does my input matter? Is my opinion important?” The answer to the those questions is yes!

Even if you’re wrong or people disagree with your point of view, that fact that you are engaging is the entire purpose of any open discussion. Professors and managers love it when students give their input, it makes them feel like they aren’t talking to a bunch of corpses. So always speak up!

Cut Your Bangs

Okay, so cutting your bangs is just an example. The point is, making little cosmetic changes that you’ve been considering but all your friend keep advising you against, should’t matter. They’re your bangs, or your nose ring or your hair color, and you can have them whenever and however you want. Bangs grow out, piercings heal, live your life and do what feels right!

Wear Heels

It is no secret that women feel more confident in heels, and if you are one of those women, then do not let the time of day or the occasion warrant when and where you should put on your favorite booties or best pumps. Oscar Wilde said it best; “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Wear Sneakers

Again, life does not have a dress code and if you want to be the most comfortable person on the dance floor with your Vans while everyone else around you suffers in their chunky heels, then do it. Gal Gadot wore sandals to the premiere of one of the highest grossing movies in 2017 and still looked better than everyone else. So can you.

Put on Lipstick

There’s something about lipstick that raises eyebrows and commands attention and if that’s not a recipe for confidence then I don’t know what is. It may sound superficial, but if you have a deep appreciation for a red lipstick what is stopping you from wearing it to class on a Tuesday morning? The answer is nothing.

Send the First Text

Boss babes are too busy for games. If you want to talk to someone, send a text, send an email, make the call. Life’s too short for the internal debate of whether it’s weird to initiate the conversation or feel insecure about a double text. If you have something to say, say it! The worst that can happen is you don’t get a response and if you don’t… do you really want any kind of a relationship with someone who doesn’t make your business or feelings a priority? The answer is no.

Be too busy to worry about what you should or shouldn't be doing. If we were all more concerned about what makes us feel like us and less about what others will think we’d be a much happier society. Be the liberated pebble that makes a ripple, you may influence others to be more liberated too, and that's a beautiful thing.