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A Little Reminder of What the Holidays are Really About

Growing up, my dad would always mark up the Black Friday ads on Thanksgiving day and then would venture out the next morning in order to get our Christmas gifts. Our society has been wrapped up in materialism for so many years, that it has resulted in Black Friday now starting on Thursday.

Businesses will put out their holiday stuff even before Halloween is over now. No wonder people get mad when others start playing holiday music before Thanksgiving. Business will pray on the fact that people want to get their gifts early or get as much as they can in order to make the person they are giving it to “happy”. Soon Christmas stuff will come out so early, Christmas in July won’t really be a joke, it will be reality.

If you have ever experienced Black Friday, you know it is a cluster f**k of people pushing and shoving each other to get that last pair of two dollar Victoria Secret underwear.

Since the millennial generation is one of the largest generations now, they too are about materialism, but are more about the experience. I personally would rather do something or go somewhere for the holidays, then get another piece of clothing or another Starbucks cup that I do not need. I mean really who needs another Starbucks cup?

When you are thinking about putting your list together this holiday season or what you want to get other people, think about something you can do together, rather than breaking the bank on something they may not need. Go to dinner with your friends, go on a small trip with your significant other, or go ice skating with your family. The experience and spending time together is what the holidays are about anyway, we all just needed a little reminder.

Hey HC, comment below what your family does for the holidays? Also, if you have any Black Friday horror stories please share!


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