Let's Talk About Coupons

I have recently gotten into using coupons when shopping. I used to be the person that never wanted to take the time to find specific coupons because I thought the effort didn’t make enough of a difference to my bank account. Oh, the contrary. This year has been my first year living off campus, which means I buy my own groceries. I tend to shop in bulk, so I only go to the grocery store about every three weeks. This means my total at the cash register tends to get past $100 very quickly. However, since I have been couponing, I have saved on average $30 to $50 dollars every time I shop using the Safeway App/Rewards Program!

Safeway App/Rewards Program

Personally, I shop at Safeway because unlike some other grocery stores, they do offer automatic discounts if you sign up for their rewards program. They also offer an app you can download that has hundreds and hundreds of coupons to choose from. Whether it be food, kitchen supplies or pet supplies. The Safeway app is a separate couponing system from their rewards program so if you pick the right brands you can often get double the savings! I recommend finding foods that are offered with coupons and sticking to those when you need to go grocery shopping. For example, if you know you like Aunt Jemima’s Syrup but the store brand syrup in $2 less with a coupon then it would be smart to choose the store brand syrup. Often things like bread, milk, peanut butter, and other essentials are always on offer so if you can find a brand you know you enjoy and is always on offer, you will save yourself a lot of money. There are some items for me such as Greek Yogurt that I am more particular about, so I often don’t have a coupon for a couple of the items in my cart. Which is okay too! However, if I know I don’t have a coupon for one thing I try to make up for it in other areas!As college students, we are notoriously known for not having any money, which is why it is important to save where you can. If you can save anywhere from $10 to $50 dollars every time you shop, then that money can be used in other areas of your life. Whether it be gas for your car, a meal with your friends, or a night out at the movies.

The next time you go grocery shopping with your coupons just thinks about all the things you can do with the money you’ve saved! If Safeway isn’t your thing, I have included links below to surrounding grocery stores for other couponing options.