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Let’s Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Middle School Edition

Oh, Middle School…such an easier time in life when your only care in the world was if your crush was going to wave at you in the hallway. What an awkward time learning and going through changes (and I mean lots of changes… like body, mind, and soul changes). But don’t we kind of miss the trends, and the head space we were in? Need a little reminder? And I’m here to bring back the nostalgia of it all.


Silly Bands

Who could forget the Silly band trend? The trading sessions that would happen in the locker room before PE class to show each other our newest silly bands that we’ve traded or that we found at TJ Maxx.


The “Sidekick” Cell Phone

Oh man… The “tea” back then went DOWN when you slid up and started typing away on your full keyboard. You were so cool if you had unlimited texting on a FULL keyboard. The sidekicks were the sh*t back then.


Etnies Shoes

Between Etnies, DC’s and Heelys every middle schooler wanted that skater kid life yet didn’t know how to skate.


Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, & Yellow Card on REPEAT.

Blink 182 always brings me back to middle school listening to there songs on my iPod Nano hoping that one day I’ll met someone at The Rock Show.

There are so many more mems that remind us of middle school like Drake & Josh, the heavy eyeliner or how about those Aeropostale graphic tees...yikes. Whether middle school was a rad time or a bad time, it was an interesting era for all of us, but thank god it's over!

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