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In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for people to have a daily skincare routine to keep their skin looking fresh and acne-free. But having a routine doesn’t always mean it will make your acne clear or make your skin feel the way you want it to! Sometimes you have really sensitive skin and the trial-and-error method doesn’t work as well. In high school, after trying numeous skincare routines, I got Curology because of a bunch of acne scars and reoccurring breakouts and I wanted to share my experience to give people some insight.

Everyone’s probably seen the ads on Instagram for Curology, which is how I first found and caught interest in it. Signing up is easy, they walk you through a skin survey to determine what products will work best and they also ask about your birth control and any other medications that you take.

You get a skincare provider who gives personalized skincare products which contains a label with all of the active and inactive ingredients, just so you know what you’re slapping on your face. I was given a face wash, the prescription, and a moisturizer. I was told I should wash my face every morning and night but only put the actual formula on at night and then moisturize.

I used the products for 4-5 months and my skin saw a massive improvement! The texture of my skin was better and more even, my acne was controlled, and my scars/dark spots were going away. The only downside of it was the cost, for the prescription, cleanser, and moisturizer it ships every 2 months and is $59.90 and for a college girl who isn’t working, I can’t pay that, which was the reason I had to quit my prescription. 

So if you have problem skin and are better at saving money or have a job, this is a great way to get the skin you want without all the hassle of having to trial and error multiple products.

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