Layering Tips for Winter in Ellensburg

Living in Central Washington during winter months is already dreadful enough as it is. Having to choose what to wear based off the weather outside along with how hot it is in our classrooms, now that a pain in the tushy. Her Campus Central Washington University wanted to help you all out by giving you our best layering tips of this winter season. Here are our favorite ways to layer clothing in these chilly winter months:

Cozy up in a cardigan

Not only are cardigans freaking adorable, but they are also warm and easy to take on and off if you are in a building that is hot af on campus. Any color can add some sass to any outfit, but grays, blacks, tans and any other neutral colors are a good place to start your collection. 


Layer up with some denim

Denim is an amazing fabric because you can easily dress it up or dress it down depending on your mood or style! Denim goes great under winter vests and jackets, and you can choose to get a heavier or lighter fabric. HC CWU wrote a feature last week about all the different ways to style denim, so go ahead and take a look for some inspiration!


Style with scarves

When you put on a shirt and jacket over top, sometimes it feels like you need to step it up a notch! Add a scarf to any outfit and you instantly add another layer of warmth and fashion. Plus, if you are someone who struggles to add new colors or patterns to an outfit, a scarf is the perfect place to start. They will also keep your neck and ears warm while walking from class to class this winter!


Dress up your dresses

I know that I’m not the only one who has about 20 summery dresses that I put into a box every winter and they are not to be seen until June. Well, let's give those dresses some purpose in the winter months! By adding a sweater, cotton t-shirt, or even a button down shirt under or ever any dress, you are adding layers (warmth) and style!


Next time you are trying to put together a stylish and warm winter outfit, try out some of our layering hacks! Hey HC Chapters, do you have any tips or tricks for layering in these cold months? Let us know in the comment box below.