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The Latest On The Bachelor

The Bachelor is FINALLY back with a brand new season and America couldn’t be happier. This season Peter Weber is the Bachelor and he is on a journey to find the love of his life. If you haven’t watched the Bachelor this season no worries I’m here to give you an overview, explain the DRAMA and give you some of my predictions. Buckle in and grab a glass of wine because we are diving in.

The Overview

Peter Weber was chosen to be the Bachelor this season since unfortunately the Bachelorette wasn’t in his favor (that’s it’s own tea, but we won’t get into that today). 30 beautiful women have been chosen to go on this journey and find love with Peter. Now if you’ve never seen the Bachelor basically a rundown is that each week Peter goes on dates usually 2 individual and then one group date. Group dates consist of competitions that usually end up having the girl win a prize or earn alone time with Peter. Roses are handed out on individual dates and one rose is handed out during a group date. The roses symbolize that the Bachelor is interested in you and wants to keep you for another week. Rose ceremonies happen weekly and if you are not given a rose those girls must go home. Now that we have a bit of a run down and an overview of how the Bachelor works, let’s dive into the drama


Alright, we are in week 4 everybody and there is DRAMA. For those who haven’t seen the latest episode, Alayha has returned when she was sent home last week due to a couple of girls coming forth to Peter explaining that she is different when the cameras are on and off. Now, she says that she wanted to come back so she could “clear her name” and tell her truth to Peter (now do we believe her on that fact? Yeah, no not really, but that’s my opinion). Peter agrees to talk and ends up asking her to come back to the bachelor mansion. At the end of the group date night, he gives Alayha the rose to stay for another week and the girls in the house are PISSED. They let him have it at the end of the episode and they are not happy with the fact that she returned to the house when she was already sent home. Not only that but when Alayha went home she got to look up each girl on the internet and told all the girls in the house that Victoria F. dated Chase Rice when he put on a private concert for Peter and Victoria on their one and one date. Not only was Alayha totally creating drama, but it hurt Victoria F.’s feelings since that was her own business and not Alayha’s to tell. 


Now, I see some connections that Peter has been creating with some of the girls in the house. For some reason, I have this huge feeling Hannah Ann is definitely going to make it far, although the champagne scandal was one for the books that Hannah Ann was involved in (and I totally believe she didn’t mean to pop Kelsey’s bottle, even though I thought it was kind of funny) I believe that Peter and her have a better connection than most of the other girls. Another lucky lady I could see Peter go far within the season is Victoria F. I think that Victoria F. is so adorable when she is one on one with Peter. I see a spark between them but I do see Victoria F. get frustrated at times when Peter is with other girls in the house but I mean that’s understandable. Although I don’t think that Tammy is going to be the one for Peter this season I want to see Tammy as the Bachelorette because I feel like she would be fun, sassy and totally unpredictable! 

Let’s hear your thoughts! Who do you think will be the perfect match for Peter this season? 



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