Last Minute Weekender? No Problem

Planning a weekend getaway anytime soon? Well if so, you have chose the perfect article to read while scrolling through social media. Weekenders are some of the easiest and funnest trips you can take! We all want to be a little spontaneous every once in a while, so next time your ready to pack up and hit the road, make sure you grab these essentials.   


Everyone, let me repeat myself, everyone need to remember to bring D.O. for your B. O. Nothing says spontaneous like the fantastic scent of Secrets fresh invisible solid travel size deodorant. They're small enough to fit in your purse, makeup bag, or carry on luggage without taking up too much space! Plus it works for 48 hours... I mean come on.


Toothbrush case/cover

Okay, I don't care what your friends told you, you need to have some sort of cover for your toothbrush. Just throwing it in your makeup bag, not clean. Think about the last time you washed your makeup brushes, beauty blenders, or the outside of your foundation bottle? Probably never. Ziplock bags are cool, but using one every time you take a trip is bad for the environment! Purchase one of Steripod Toothbrush Protector next time you are looking for a toothbrush case or cover! 



Summers Eve has granted all of our wishes for a feminine hygiene product, that is easy as hell to store in your wallet, purse, makeup bag, or even your backpack! Not only are these wipes good for your lady bits, but they also have other good uses that will help you in your travels.

So next time you are planning a weekend trip, make sure and have these fantastic products in your bathroom ready to go! HC girls, let us know of any other must have weekend getaway essentials!