John Mulaney Has Children

John Mulaney’s newest project 'John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch' has finally arrived, and to say I was hyped would be an understatement. As a major John Mulaney fan who has watched all of his other previous specials multiple times, I know that this would be worth the watch. So, thank you to John Edmund Mulaney (a man who definitely didn’t kill Princess Diana) for giving me not only more specials to quote but also some songs. Now while this is intended to be a children’s special John puts it best by saying, “This is a show for children by adults with children present”. While it is light-hearted in spots this special which I have already watched 5 times since it was released is not your typical 2020 children’s special. I mean how could it be coming from the man who gave us the voice of one of Marvel’s best Spider-Men the one and only Spider-Ham?

Anyways, jumping right into the special. I would not hesitate to lay down my life for any of these children or the giant toddler that is John Mulaney with no second thoughts. I mean these kids are all on a completely different wavelength and are asking the questions that need to be asked such as “do flowers exist at night?”. Exceptional, and the songs that go with these questions or bits all complete and utter bops no joke. “Grandma’s Got a Boyfriend”, “I Saw A White Lady Standing on the Street Just Sobbing” if these songs hadn’t been in the special it would have given me so many more existential crisis than it did because I will not sugarcoat it these kids are talking about death A LOT. This being said I just wanna know what children’s shows John Mulaney used to watch because he said he tried to make it like tv used to be but I remember no death talk ever.

Moving on from that I would like to take a moment to talk about the guest star(s) and sister, I am going to name names so if you have yet to watch it and want to be surprised, you have been warned. The first guest star that we see is André De Shields (Hermes from Hadestown for musical theatre girls) singing a whole bop that is “Algebra Song”. Not only does he have an amazing song as the Tutor Mr. Shields also is incredibly motivational and drops some straight wisdom. Next, is Natasha Lyonne (Nickols from OITNB) who is only shown in interviews which are short and sweet giving more insight into the actress's life and fears. The final guest star is the absolutely feral Mr. Music played by none other than Jake Gyllenhaal (most recently Mysterio). Mr. Music is the final guest star and honestly, I have no words because the memes put it best in saying that “Jake Gyllenhaal in Sack Lunch Bunch is just him doing what Marvel would never let him do on press tours”. Mr. Music is a truly chaotic good in his own special way and does teach one valuable lesson but you’ll have to watch the special to find out what that lesson is. Honestly just do yourself a favor and sit down with some friends, family or a cuddly pet and watch this because all of these songs, skits, interviews and general Mulaney antics will definitely leave you wanting more. However, if this isn't your cup of tea, try his other stuff because there is something for everyone and if not, I've heard Nanette and Bo Burnham are good (if you watch the special you'll get this). ​


If anyone who would like to start a petition with me to have John do a special like this with teenagers please be in touch.