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The last few months have been a rollercoaster for the life of Jeffree Star. He released a revolutionary series and collaboration with Shane Dawson, he had a major break in, lost two of his dogs, moved into a multi-million dollar mansion, and broke up with Nate, his boyfriend of five years. 

Why Did They Break Up? 

Jeffree released a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Ro3SsYT5s&t=3s) titled “We Broke Up” on January 11th. This video came after a lot of speculation from fans. He starts the video by saying there is no drama and they have been broken up for three weeks at that point. “Nathan is the only man I have ever been in love with” he never wanted to be in the spotlight. he loved me unapologetically. “we were both too busy focusing on each other and we forgot about ourselves” “he didn’t want to leave his house and have people follow him” Basically what I got out of the video was the fact that their lifestyle was too overwhelming for Nathan. Life in the spotlight just isn’t ideal for some people and that’s okay. It’s hard to stay in a relationship when you have such different lifestyles. 


Before the video was released news outlets were already publishing stories based on assumptions. Jeffree ended up canceling his overseas makeup class with makeup artist Mmmmitchell due to “personal reasons”. This prompted fake stories about his mom dying, his grandma passing, and Nate’s brother being sick, as well as multiple stories speculating their breakup. A few months before the breakup Nate deleted all of his social media which, again, prompted more bizarre assumptions from the media. Once the video was posted even more rumors begun to swirl. People were saying their whole relationship was fake or one of them cheated. Even as of today, everybody one of them is seen with is rumored to be their new partner. 

Moving on While Still in the Spotlight 

Jeffree Star is an incredible business person. He is always ten steps ahead of any game which means he doesn’t really have the time to mourn. He says he’s planning multiple launches for his brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics this year. While he is still in the process of getting over Nathan, he is going to have a bunch of people asking him “what happened?” or asking him to confirm the rumors. The constant reminder that you are no longer with someone you loved has got to be extremely tough. It’s also hard to believe someone when dozens of media outlets are saying the complete opposite. 

Honestly, a break up is hard enough and it’s even harder with millions of people watching and analyzing your every move. I think the best thing to do in this situation is to allow them to heal in their own ways, and understand that their healing doesn’t always need to be publicized.


I am a current freshman at Central Washington University. I am on my way to becoming a middle school counselor. Some fun facts about me are I love arts and crafts, I am very passionate about mental health, and you will probably never see me without a cup of coffee in my hand.
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