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It’s the Fluorescents

In the state of Washington, under a near-constant cover of clouds and rain, there is a small town named Forks.” –Bella Swan, Twilight

The Twilight Saga is one of the most memorable series. The vampires that sparkle in the sunlight and the werewolves that run shirtless in the woods were once every teenage girl’s heartthrob. The final film wrapped over 10 years ago and to this day, eager fans are traveling to the Olympic Peninsula in hopes of fulfilling their middle school dreams.


If you are planning a trip yourself, in my opinion, the perfect time to go would be in September. Every year the city of Forks holds the “Forever Twilight in Forks Festival”, or FTF for short. Each year holds a new theme based on the films and this year is Breaking Dawn Part 1. This festival is every Twilight fan’s dream. You can stay at one of the resorts on La Push and walk along the same beach Jacob and Bella did when he told her about the “cold ones”. You can eat a delicious plate of mushroom ravioli at Bella Italia in Port Angeles, and my favorite part is going to the treaty line and grabbing a blackberry milkshake! The festival also invites cast members from the film and this year Billy Burke who played Chief Swan will be attending!

While there was no filming actually held in Forks, the idea behind the houses and Stephenie Meyers’s book descriptions are located there. Bella Swan’s house is currently owned by Bella and Robby Britt. They have done a tremendous job remodeling this quaint home by mirroring the book descriptions and also adding a few touches of their own. You will see the iconic dark wood paneling on the walls, and the yellow cabinets in the kitchen. Bella and Robby are both Twilight fans themselves which makes them the perfect ones to own this house and turn it into any book lover’s dream. They graciously welcome any Twilight travelers to take a photo in front of their house, and who knows, maybe you will see Bella herself looking out her bedroom window. 

There is a beautiful wood sign outside of the home that says, “Being Remodeled by Esme and Alice Cullen”. These two artistically inclined Cullen’s are helping Charlie spice up his home. (There were too many beer bottles and not enough champagne.) While this home is currently not labeled as an Airbnb, keep an eye out because as soon as it goes up, there may not be any dates left to grab!

If you are someone who has been dying to visit the Olympic Peninsula for Twilight reasons or just because it is basically the most beautiful place on earth…just.go. You will not regret it! You will capture some of the most beautiful images and who knows, you might meet a few cold or hot friends while traveling. 

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