Influencing your Makeup Routine with Sustainability

A sustainable tip for each part of your makeup routine!

Recently there has been a huge increase in sustainability movements. From climate strikes to reducing single use plastics, environmental issues have taken center stage in hot topics. The effects of climate change have been enlightened and people seem to care more than ever. Our world is very plastic driven, and the cosmetics industry is no different. If we can find a way to reduce our waste and still look cute as hell, why not give it a try?



Double up! Instead of using both a moisturizer and a primer, find a two in one that helps your face feel flawless and keeps your foundation on all day. I have combination skin, and when I am feeling very dry, I apply Clinique Moisture Surge because of its ability to add hydration to my face while drying tacky enough that it gives my foundation extra hold. If you have an oilier base you might try Cetaphil PRO Oil Absorbing Moisturizer to keep your oils in check while giving you a flawless base. Not only will you reduce the amount of packaging, you might just shave off a few minutes of your makeup routine!



Upcycle your old foundation cushion compact by giving it a different use. A few simple steps and you can transform something that would have ended up in the garbage, into a helpful item. Sun Cushions are great tools to protect your skin without carrying a clunky sunscreen bottle around. After cleaning out the cushion add an SPF based product, whether its straight sunscreen or a moisturizer, you will feel great because your skin is protected, and your helping reuse plastic products! Find an in depth video about Sun Cushions here



Consider ditching plastic packaging in exchange for some more eco friendly alternatives. One product that is my go-to is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Not only is it super beautiful on the skin, it also it held in a cardboard based package. But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful, in fact the simpler material does not take away from the beautiful tropical design on the box. Benefit also has the same packaging on their blushes and highlighters. They are easy to stack and don’t have a chunky design. Recycling the cardboard package is effortless and help reduce your carbon footprint.



I cannot live without mascara, but all the experts say you should throw it away after about three months because of the buildup of bacteria. And with mascara being almost exclusively made of plastic packaging, it would be nice to find a solution to throwing it away in a landfill to never break down. I am happy to know about the Wands for Wildlife initiative, a donation service where you clean the mascara wands of your expired mascara’s and ship them off to be used in wildlife refugees. Using them on small animals, a care team can help clean the wildlife of fly eggs and larva living on the skin. They are only accepting twice a year, February and October, which gives you plenty of time to stock up on mascara wands for the little critters!


Lipstick is a great way to show off how you feel. But when you reach the end of the tube, it ends with it in the trash. Or does it? You can create a natural and simple lip exfoliator using ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax. Pour it into your clean makeup tube and enjoy a repurposed product that will give you a great base for your next signature color. If you enjoy shopping at MAC you might want to consider their recycling program that allows you to bring in six containers and receive a free lipstick, lip gloss, or single eyeshadow worth up to $18.50. This seems like a great way to strike a deal for something you were going to buy anyway.


Skin Care

Onto my favorite step of my makeup routine! I love skin care, it makes me feel in control and like I have my life together. Having a happy face helps me have a great day—because when you look great you feel great. The store that holds my debit card is definitely Lush Cosmetics. I enjoy the natural products, their fight against animal testing, and their recycling program! Similar to MAC, they ask that you bring back the pots when they’re empty. (which mine always become empty!!) For every five that you bring back, you get a free fresh face mask. My favorite is the Catastrophic Cosmetic Face mask because it has fresh blueberries in it! You can thank me later when your face smells heavenly.