Iconic Women: Fashion Through the Decades

Every decade has an iconic fashionista. The women listed below are all iconic and still admired today. They stood out in the crowd, broke rules and lived there best life all while looking fly. I have listed the most iconic women starting from the 1950's all the way to today. 


Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was known for making simple outfits look so elegant and chic. She strutted the streets like a queen in these classic attires, especially her iconic wedding dress that people still talk about today.


Diana Ross

Diana Ross is not only a music legend but a fashion legend! Her style was dazzling and adventurous, especially when she was in her singing group The Supremes.


Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks will forever be my idol. Her fashion has influenced mine and many others. She is known for her gypsy, witch-y looks. Her signature items are flowy black shirts and dresses, white ruffles, and we can't forget her black top hat. 




I can’t talk about 80’s fashion without talking about Madonna. She was one of the most influential celebrities during this time. She came out to the entertainment world with bows in her hair, thick stacks of bracelets on her wrist, and funky clothes. Her outfits became more and more badass and cool. 


Gwen Stefani


The icon that brought us “Hollaback Girl” also brought us these classic looks. Her style was edgy, fun, rock and punk. She always rocked a tube top and funky hair.


I skipped the 2000s because let's be real, it was a hard time in fashion for all of us. 



I saved the most iconic one of all, RIHANNA! Her street style is like no one else. She has always been fashionable, and her style has become more and more ambitious over the years. She is literally wearing a robe in one of the pictures and looks bomb, how!? She is breaking rules and taking names! I mean...just look at these pictures, I wish I had half the style sense she does. 

Aren't these women just incredible? Their fashion taste just astounds me. Hopefully, you got some inspiration from these ladies! Go out there and strut in whatever makes you feel like an icon!