I was Drugged and Here's What Happened

As a woman living in today’s messed up society we are always told to be careful. Be careful with what we say, what we wear, and where we go. The second we let our guard down, someone will be there to take advantage of us.

Recently, I went out to the bars with two of my girlfriends, just as any normal 21 year old would on a Friday night. The last bar we stopped we had one shot when we first got there and we headed to the dance floor. At this point we have barely had anything to drink and were barely even buzzed. A little while late they called last call for drinks. We headed back to the bar and got one last drink. Once we got our drink we headed back to the dance floor. My friends sipped down their drinks and I was still working on mine. It was about to hit 2 a.m., which means the bar was about to kick everyone out. I ended up throwing the rest of my drink away and we headed outside. We now needed to call an Uber in order to get back home. All of the sudden my friend who was ordering an Uber drops to the ground. At this point I can feel myself slipping away, but I needed to hold myself together in order for us to get home safely. My other friend also drops to the ground and then I can feel myself falling over, hitting the sidewalk. I was super confused because we barely drank anything, but we were all blacking out. Luckily, earlier we had seen some old friends from high school and they helped us get home safely. If they would not have been there I am not sure what we would have done. Someone really could have taken advantage of all of us. The next morning we barely remember anything. We do remember never setting our drinks down anywhere. We also thought it was weird how it happened to all three of us. It would have made sense if some random person put something into one of our drinks, but it was all of us.

All of us have concluded that we think the bartender drugged our drinks that night. Since most date rape drugs don’t show up in drug tests, we don’t have any solid proof. Ever since that night I have talked to several people who say that they think they were drugged at the same bar by the bartender. I will never be going there again and sadly due to other people’s disgusting agendas, I will need to be more careful than I already am.  

I wanted to share my experience with all of you because I think it is important that we talk about it and try to stop this from happening. It is honestly disgusting how much this happens to people. Those who are doing this need to pay the consequences because it was one of the most scariest experience in my life. They tell you to don't ever set your drink down because someone could slip something in it, but no one is prepared for the bartender to put something in your drink. You trust that they know what they are doing and you pay them in return. I did not pay for a drink just to end up going through a traumatic experience. I am always smart when I decide to drink, but nothing could have prepared me for this. 

If this has happened to you too, I am so sorry. All we can do now is move forward, learn from it, and try and stop other people from going through a similar experience.