I Tried Babe in Paradise: Here's What Happened

A couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through tons and tons of instagram posts and I stumbled across something fabulous. "Babe in Paradise Highlighter Palette + Fan Brush" pops up on my screen and instantly I was shook. Not only am I a huge Bretman Rock fan on every single form of social media, but I am also a huge fan of highlighter, it's my probably favorite makeup product. Now I am not an anyway a beauty bloggers, or a professional in the beauty industry, but y'all I had to share this glorious experience with all of you. This product is absolutely stunning, I can't get enough of it. 

I mean have you seen the photos, Bretman you are glowing. (From the highlighter, and just the inner glow in these images) I was blown away by the packaging, the color shades, the texture of the product not to mention the fan brush that comes with! Honestly I can't hype this product enough, especially because it only cost $29.00 with the brush. This is a score for all makeup lovers alike! An affordable, glamorous product that has a shade range for tons of skin shades so anybody can use this product. 

The shades names and colors are the following in order (from left to right, top row then bottom row): BEHBEH GURL. VAYGAYTION, MAHU, GET LEI'D, CHEEHOO, & SHADY BITCH

The shades range from a very light pearlescent pink to a glowing golden copper luster so there are tons of shades that can make tons of makeup lovers shine. The formula is a creamy feel to the touch of your finger, and glides over your skin easily. I use a small fluffy highlighter brush normally and it picks up the formula great, but when I tried it with the fan brush I was taken back. The brush made my cheekbones shine like I was in the sun, it looked great all day and I was able to make it home at the end of the day and still have some shine on my cheeks, which like never happens. 

Over all, I was thrilled with this product. From the colors to the added bonus of a fan brush you really can't go wrong purchasing this palette. Hey HC chapters, have you or any of your members tried out this new product? If so leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts.