I Haven't Repeated an Outfit in Over a Year, Here's How

Clothing to some may be just what they cover their bodies with and not much more than that, style being something that is not of great importance. While that works for some, for me, clothing and style is so much more. It’s to be expected as I am a fashion major, but my love for clothes goes beyond the classroom and potential careers. To me, clothes are a powerful form of self-expression. It can dictate my mood and how I’m feeling that day to anyone who sees me, and I don’t have to say a word. When I pick out an outfit in the morning, I want to reflect myself in a way that makes me feel confident and good about myself, thus leading to a good chunk of my morning is taken up by outfit creation. For a little over a year now, I have kept a record of nearly every outfit I’ve worn. Not only is it a fun archive to look at a reminisce on, but it also shows how my style has evolved and helps me to keep up with a challenge I have given to myself, what this article is about, how I have successfully not repeated an outfit for over a year.  

The basis for creating a unique fit every day lies in your mood. I never plan the fit the night before unless I have an event that has a specific dress code. When you wake up, your mood will determine your clothing choice, and since for the most part you never wake up feeling exactly the same, this should help a lot. Even if you’re feeling burnt out and not creative, scrubbing can still be stylish, and just because it’s a groutfit (grey outfit) doesn’t mean it can’t be fashion. Be mindful of the activities for the day and the weather, which also are ever-changing, and form the vibe of your outfit around that.  

Once you’ve got the vibe down, it should be smooth sailing from there, but if you’re still stuck a great tip is to keep a record of inspiration. Pinterest is a great asset as well as your notes app. I’m constantly thinking of new outfit combinations and writing them down for the future on my phone. As well as paying attention to what people wear around campus. Unfortunately, CWU is not the most fashion-forward school so it can be bleak sometimes, but a couple of y’all out there are fitted sometimes, and I definitely notice. Tracking your previous outfits is also an excellent tool in case you’re not sure if you’ve worn the outfit before. It can be tedious, but I've found that making a simple Instagram story on my private account and saving them to a collection provides a streamlined way to view your previous outfits in chronological order.  

Okay so now you’ve got your vibe and a vision, it’s time for the actual clothes. I’ll admit my closet is probably more fruitful than most, but I’m also a broke college student so I’ve been creative with my means of getting a majority of it. A given would be thrift stores, they’re cheap, sustainable, and provide a wide variety of clothes that most people probably won’t have. I’m also a big fan of my friend’s and families' closets, and while they might not be as fond of that fact, trading around clothes or just borrowing pieces is an excellent, free way to expand your repertoire. As a fashion major, I’m also a huge advocate for upcycling old pieces or making new ones from scratch. It’s truly amazing what a good crop can do to an old t-shirt, or how sewing a new hem line onto a skirt can change the look of it completely.  Consignment shops can also be a great way to sell old pieces and get money to buy new ones if you can’t figure out a way to upcycle them yourself.  

Look at you go, you’ve got the vibe, the vision, and now the basic outfit, good job! Now it’s time for one of the most underrated aspects of a new fit every day, accessories. From tights to belts to shoes, a variety can upgrade even the simplest of outfits and bring you from plain to poppin’. My personal favorite belts always come from thrift stores, and tights come in so many different patterns that can modify the whole vibe. Socks are also incredibly underrated and one of my favorite items of clothing. I believe every girl should own a pair of black thigh high socks as they’re cute on their own under a skirt or paired with tights for extra coverage, grip, and warmth. Bandanas are also a key item to have as you can tie them in your hair, around your neck, stick them out of a pocket, etc. The options are endless when it comes to accessories and they are a must for creating variety in your looks.  

So there you go, your dressed to impress and you’re feeling good, and while this may have seemed like a lot of effort, it brings me to my last tip. To really pull off the art of not outfit repeating, you have to really want it. It’s not for everyone I know that, but if you’re passionate about the looks you put together and enjoy the art of outfit creation, you’ll have no trouble. It’s not easy and takes a drive every morning to want a different outfit every day. These tips should help you if you’re stuck, but fashion is such a personal thing that if you put your heart into it, you’re sure to succeed and look cute af while doing it.