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I Got a Personalized Tarot Reading: Here's What Happened

 I have always loved the more magical aspects of life and feeling connected to the universe in ways beyond normal existence. Recently I’ve been especially into tarot cards, but I don’t feel confident enough to do my own reading nor are there any tarot readers that I know of around CWU, so I haven’t had the chance to truly experience a reading beyond an app on my phone. That was the case until I stumbled across Shannon or @littlepancake__ on Instagram. After watching her content and reading about her life, I fell in love with her account and quickly became a fan. When I saw she offered personalized tarot readings online I jumped at the opportunity to buy a reading and this is my experience!

Before receiving my reading, Shannon asked me a few basic questions about myself and what I was hoping to get out of the reading. I chose a five-card spread focused on general life direction because I wanted to see what kind of message I’d get naturally versus if I had given a specific topic such as love or career. About a week after our initial discussion I received the link to my reading which came as a video. 

The reading itself was a reading of the five cards as well as a bonus card from a separate deck. During the reading, Shannon gave an in-depth analysis of each card and gave clear insight to the messages she was receiving. Although I had given her no information on the part of my life I was craving clarity on, she was spot-on and the guidance I received has already made a great improvement in my life. 

The reading talked a lot about taking chances regardless of fear and to think less about what people will think of me and more on how I feel about myself. While that sounds rather general, the little details genuinely felt as though my thoughts were being projected onto the cards. I could go into detail about each and every card and the meaning but readings are generally personal and the content will only feel important to the intended receiver as you are really the only one who knows exactly what is causing turmoil in your mind. But I can attest not only to the clarity given from this reading but how amazing Shannon is. She created a comfortable and caring environment that allowed me to open my mind and receive the message deeper than I would've had she not been so kind and willing to communicate and answer my questions. 

If you’re craving guidance and feel like you’re in need of direction I highly recommend finding a tarot reader you feel connected to and open your mind to the possibility that the universe has a message you need to hear.