I Dropped Social Media For a Month: Here Is What Happened

If you have ever thought about deleting your social media at one point I highly recommend it!  If you are hesitant to try limiting yourself to checking it 3-5 times a day or only deleting them for a week.  However, you may be surprised that once you do it, you won't miss them! 

My Mood Increased

Sometimes you do not realize how draining and destructive social media can be.  You fall into the hole of petty drama and celebrity gossip.  When I deleted all of my social media, I felt so much better, and happier when I was not constantly emerging myself in negativity and was able to focus on the good things happening in my life that was right in front of me!  I also stopped searching for validation through the number of likes I received and felt more confident overall because I was not comparing my self to the things I saw online

You Find Your OG Friends

When you have social media you don’t really notice who you keep in contact with outside of the app world.  I found that once my SM was gone I realized that there were some people that only talked me through DM or that our only interactions were likes and retweets.   I found that my true friends liked my insta pics, but they also would text me and want to hand out.  Now I am not saying online friendships are bad, but it does get you thinking about the people in your life and what impact they have.  Don't forget that Friendships should be deeper than the memes you send back and forth!

FOMO Disappears

For me, FOMO or the fear of missing out gets me every time. I found that when I did not have social media I did not feel like I was missing out, and in reality the things I was feeling sad over were on things that I never really enjoyed in the first place (snap stories are killer).  This may sound pretty obvious, if you cant see what you are missing you won't miss, it, but it is hard to take that first step to cut the bond between you and your snap streaks. This also helped me focus more on the moment and become more present in the things I was doing at the time. 

If you decide to drop your SM let us know how it is going in the comments!