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I Didn’t Go Home For the Summer And This is How it Went

This summer was the first one I spent not at home. I didn’t pack up my clothes and my room at the end of Spring quarter and drag it back 2 and a half hours home for the next three months. Instead, I decided to stay in my college town and enjoy staying in my off-campus apartment to experience my first “Adult summer” filled with work, friends and no one asking where I was going at 12 AM. I learned a few things throughout my summer, and I want to share them below!

If It Is Your First Summer Away from Home, Expect to Work. 

If you choose to be on your own for the summer, it doesn’t come without responsibilities. Whether you’re spending your time traveling, paying rent, hopping from one Air B&B to the next, money is essential. While summer without the watchful eye of parents sounds like a dream, it is still a time where taking responsibility for yourself is necessary! I spent most of my summer working fulltime, Monday-Friday and sometimes weekends. While it is a drag at some points the reality is that most of your friends are doing the same thing so might as well spend your time making that money right?

Make Time for Friends 

This goes hand in hand with making work an essential, while summer always seems as it goes by in a flash it is important to make time for your friends. If you’re in a situation like me, a lot of my friends went home for the summer but, some stuck around to experience our first “Adult summer” together. Chances are you’ll all get swept up in work or summer classes and forget to check in with each other, however, it is important for your relationships as well as your mental health to take some time to just relax and enjoy someone else’s company. Who knows you might become closer over your bond of work exhaustion and the 20 pages you must read before your next summer quiz! (If you were like me and unfortunately had to take summer classes)

Time Away Is A Must

I was super fortunate enough to escape to Cabo for a few days during the summer and it was a much-needed refresher. It is easy for work and other life responsibilities to quickly take over your life and soon enough you find yourself a week before the new school year starts and you have nothing to show for your summer. A getaway does not have to be in a different state or different country, it could be a day trip to the beach or a new town you’ve never been to. Either way, I think time away to recollect is important. Being able to relax with no immediate worries is the best way (I think) to recharge your brain and get a fresh start in life. Adding a significant other or friends to your time away can also make your summer getaway that much better!

Overall, I had a great summer and now that I have experienced not having a curfew, I don’t think I could ever go back! However, everyone is different and if going back home for the summer is what you prefer then that is okay! Although this is what I learned during my first “Adult summer” I think these can carry over into the new school year. Remember to take care of your needs and most importantly, have fun!

My name is Rayven Crawford! I am a Junior at CWU studying to be an English teacher. Some of my hobbies include going out to eat (If you haven't tried The Porch here in Ellensburg you have to), spending time with friends and most importantly writing. Reading my content will offer you articles on Health, Life and everything in between!
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