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How to V-Day Long Distance Style

First things first, a round of applause to you and your significant other for making your long distance relationship work. The constant reminders of missing that special someone day after day always seems to be relentless, but then February 14th comes along and you realize that shit was nothing.

Besides all of the obviously wonderful sadness revolving around spending this holiday without your boo (wink wink), luckily you won’t get any of the cliche crap from a grocery store bought the day before. This year I’m talking handwritten letters, photos of the two of you, anything and everything that takes more than a credit card swipe at your nearest Fred Meyers (located on Water Street if you’re seriously SOL). The good thing about long distance relationships on Valentine’s Day is they only work out with a lot of thought and creativity. Here are some little ideas that can go a long way to make your Valentine’s Day special long distance.

Send flowers 

Everyone loves flowers, except those who are allergic so in that case send some chocolate covered strawberries, but either way attach a sweet note to make your significant other smile. 

Handwritten letters

This might seem outdated and downright cliche but I promise pouring your heart out through a letter sent in the mail in way more promising for a favorable reaction compared to sending a text with a heart eyes emoji.

Send photos

Whether they’re photos of the both of you on your best days or downright dirty photos of exactly what they’re missing I promise both will do the trick. 

Skype or Facetime Date

Plan a time you can strictly spend with your significant other that you would originally do if you were together. Most importantly, you have to treat it like a regular date night so dress up and for the best results dress down.

Send a Package

Include everything your significant other loves like their favorite candy or a favorite movie, anything that will get them through this day without you.

Plan a surprise trip home

Maybe if you’re feeling adventurous and have that extra cash-flow laying around plan a surprise visit to surprise them. But if you can't afford or can't make the trip home, start planning a day to celebrate all of the holidays you missed apart when you are both back together.

It’s the thought and creativity that counts to have a kickass Valentines day while still being long distance. Although this day is originally planned to be full of affection and love for you and your significant other, it’s alright to dread this day when you’re without them, BUT remember it’s still important to try to make their day rock without you there.

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