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How to Date Yourself in College

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College has really helped me step out of my introverted tendencies, but being around people all the time can be exhausting. I have the social battery of a cat, but I also get major FOMO seeing my friends living their best lives. When in my moments of solitude, I find myself mindlessly scrolling and regretting it when I realize hours have passed since I’ve gotten off the couch. Here are ten fun, affordable ways to get out on your own, or stay in!

Coffee Shop Date

In this economy, a seven-dollar vanilla latte is a once-in-a-while treat for college students. Make it an experience by bringing your homework, or a good book, and spending a couple of hours out of the house and out of the classroom!

Cook your favorite meal

Let’s be real, cooking in college can feel more like a chore than an experience. Take the time to make something you’ve been craving while you listen to some Frank Sinatra beats.

Picnic Date!

Hurry, before winter hits! Bring a blanket, a journal and a cheese board to a spot on campus, and people watch and get outside.

Explore your college town or city

Step off of campus and check out the thrift stores, boutiques, parks and more!

Spa night

Show yourself a little love while you spend the night sipping your favorite drink in the bathtub with your favorite candle burning. Give yourself that manicure you’ve been procrastinating to do, and treat your skin to a facemask while you soak your feet.

hot girl walk

Spotify has so many hot girl playlists and podcasts. Put on a cute and cozy outfit and strut around town!

color & podcast

Speaking of podcasts…Take advantage of your printing allowance on campus, print out some coloring pages, and listen to that podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to.

exercise in a way that you love

Physical movement is a must for me during the depressing winter season. Try out pilates, yoga, running or weight training–whatever you love!

museum & Gallery crawl

I bet your college town has at least one museum or gallery you don’t know about. Go check it out, and take your time listening to your internal dialogue.

tv show marathon

I know there is a season of a show you’ve been meaning to watch, but you don’t want to step away from your comfort show. Pull out your favorite snacks, set your phone on “Do Not Disturb”, and binge-watch!

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