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How to Craft a Resume

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Knowing how to write a resume for any job or career is essential for future employers to know your prior work, education and volunteer experience or any skills that will benefit you in becoming employed for your dream job. However, your resume must also adhere to the appropriate format and should be written in a way that is professional and concise.

1. Make it specific

When writing your resume, make sure it is specific to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for a job at a bakery, then detail your skills and expertise that are relevant to working in a bakery. For example, if you have experience working for a bakery, then list that as prior work experience and the skills you gained from that job.

2. Divide the resume into sections

When formatting a resume, be sure to include headings for each section and order them from top to bottom. In creating headings, make sure that each heading is typed using bold uppercase letters and should include your name first, then objective, education history, relevant skills, volunteer work and then finally work experience.

3. Keep it short

When writing your resume, be sure to keep it at a short length, usually not exceeding one page and be concise in your language. For example, when describing your skills use action words such as “manages”, “maintains”, or “dedicates” and adjectives that describe your expertise such as “excellent” or “amazing”.

4. Include relevant information

Each section of your resume should include information that is relevant to your education history, work and volunteer experience and skills. For education history, include the name of the schools you have attended or currently attend, list your GPA for each and the experiences necessary for the job you are applying for.

For work and volunteer experiences, list the experiences that will make you a suitable candidate for the job you are applying for and how long you worked there for. While for personal skills, showcase the skills that will make you a unique candidate when employers are determining who to hire for the job.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful and consider them while you write your resume.

XOXO Her Campus

Hi there! I am third-year student at CWU majoring in psychology with a minor in theatre arts. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading, singing, and exercising.