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Okay, let’s be honest, you probably clicked on this article because you’re obsessed with plants and want to give them the best life! I got your back! As a fellow plant lover, I dedicate so much time and…… money to them that being able to provide them with a greenhouse that is not only good for them but also incredibly aesthetic was the cherry on top. Here is how you can build an Ikea greenhouse for yourself! I am linking all products at the bottom of the article!

The base

  • Typically an Ikea greenhouse is made out of the milsbo wide or milsbo tall, whichever fits your room the best! I got a wide milsbo so I could put even more plants on top! 
  • Another option if Ikea is out of stock (they usually are) is any kind of glass cabinet. Glass over wood is definitely preferred as the wood will rot with the humidity. However, I have found the acrylic wood works just fine, but I would definitely recommend a glass cabinet if you can!

Additional items

  • Once you have your cabinet all set up, you can purchase acrylic shelves with holes in them to create more air flow between the levels in the cabinet or you can use the provided glass shelves. I personally just use the glass shelves that came with the cabinet as I found there to be adequate airflow. 
  • Buy some small fans, waterproof command strips, a humidifier, foam tape, grow lights (strips), and a sturdy power cord.

Building the greenhouse!

  • With everything in hand we are ready to get started! Line the outside of your cabinet with the foam tape. This helps less humidity escape the cabinet. Wire your cords that have the humidifier, grow lights, and fans plugged in, into the cabinet. Secure your grow lights to each level of your greenhouse. Fill your humidifier and place it somewhere in the middle. 
  • Now it is time to fill the cabinet with plants! Make sure they have room to grow, ie: if they’re tall make sure they have room to grow up, etc.

Ikea glass cabinets:

Other cabients that work


Any from amazon can do the trick! I would recommend one with a remote! Make sure to read comments when deciding which one works best for you!

Ultrasonic Humidifier


Portable fans

Grow lights

Strip grow lights

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