How To Survive A Sports Game

This past week I attended my first professional Baseball Game and in the beginning, I was a little weary as Baseball wouldn't be my first choice when it comes to going to a sports game but, I actually had a great time. Personally, I am more of a soccer fan, I have been to many Seattle Sounders games but, my boyfriend is an avid Boston Red Sox fan, which by default makes me a Boston Red Sox fan (sorry!). While I have been in a stadium attending a professional sports game before, I found that each stadium is different and your experience will probably vary each time. Which is why I thought I’d make a little guide for my fellow first-timers.  



Everyone knows when you go to a big city you’ll have to pay for parking. Parking availability varies day to day as well as price, however, if you’re just making day trip when nothing special is really going on, parking never seems to be a huge struggle. But when you’re attending a big event like a sports game that attracts a large number of people there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Parking WILL be expensive if you’re aiming to park right next to the stadium. I saw parking lots charging between $50-$70 dollars, so my advice is park a bit away from the stadium. A 5-6 block walk seems far but, it goes by pretty fast and it will save you money!


This is a known fact among many people but, if you are a newbie this is important information to know. Do not underestimate the amount a stadium will charge you for food and drink. You want to have a good time at the game, so I would recommend to save some money and put it away for the game day so you can have an optimum time and not worry too much about what you’re spending. I ended up spending $29 for two hot dogs and a slice of pizza, which almost adds to a full meal at a restaurant. Some stadiums do offer a deal on soda called “Bottomless soda”, which I highly recommend, for $12.50 I got to fill up my soda three times and keep the cup!


Make sure instead of “Dressing to Impress” you dress for your environment. If you have to park far away, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. No one wants to walk 5-6 blocks in heels to a stadium and back. Also, most sports games are a couple of hours but, baseball can run even longer for that. The game I attended ran four hours, which sometimes is considered a short game! So make sure you’re in clothing you’ll be comfortable in for a long period of time. And most importantly, bring a jacket!

Although I never would have chosen to attend a baseball game on my own, I am definitely glad I went (I think my boyfriend made a true baseball fan out of me, but don't tell him I said that). And if you’re going to a sports game for the first time, don't sweat the small stuff, you’re there to have a good time and to most importantly have fun!