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Spring is my favorite time to start placing fresh flowers around my house! Unfortunately, bouquets don’t last forever. Through my own personal research in trying to figure out how to keep my flowers around longer, I’ve gathered a few tips to help you out as well!

Cut the Stems

I knew that cutting the stems a couple of inches would help, but up until recently, I wasn’t cutting them at an angle! This trick lets them soak in more water since they aren’t lying flat against the bottom of your vase. Make sure to trim the stems every few days!

Prune Leaves and Petals

Cutting off the leaves that sit below the water line will not only make the arrangement look better, but it will help keep bacteria at bay. Roses are my favorite to have in my home and they have guard petals that should be removed so that the flower can fully open. When you re-trim your stems, pick off any dead leaves or petals to slow bacterial rot.

Water the Right Way

You’ll want to make sure that your flowers have all the ingredients needed to stay beautiful, which is why it’s so important to water them the right way. You should always use a clean vase, room temperature water, and the right amount of flower food so that the water is neither diluted nor overconcentrated. When trimming and pruning every few days, I suggest cleaning out your vase and changing out the water.

It is a little more work to routinely trim, prune, and re-water your flowers, but once you’re in the habit of it you will be amazed at just how long they will last. Now you have some basic tips on how to keep your flowers fresh AF. What flowers will you be boasting this spring? Let us know over on our Instagram! And as always,


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