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How to get the Most out of Mary Kay's Naturally Skin Care Line

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Skincare is SO important ladies, and even more vital is getting the most out of the products you’re using. The Mary Kay Naturally line has been a lifesaver for me with this cold weather drying out my skin (Check out another Her Campus boss babe’s review!), and I know it’ll save yours too. Here’s how to get the most out of this line of all-natural skincare that’ll leave your skin glowing!


Step One: Mary Kay Naturally™ Purifying Cleanser


Dampen your face with warm water, then apply the cleanser with a cotton pad all over your face, rise and, pat dry. It’s really that simple! Your skin will feel clean, refreshed and moisturized.


Step Two: Mary Kay Naturally™ Exfoliating Powder

This exfoliator is amazing and with two ways to customize it to your needs, you’ll fall in love after your first use. It’s recommended to be used two-three times a week in paring with the rest of the line. The first step is to shake the closed bottle, then gently pour about a quarter-sized amount in the palm of your hand.  Add a few drops of water and massage all over your face and rise. To get extra nourishment, add a few drops of the Mary Kay Naturally ™ Nourishing Oil to the mix and use like normal! 


Step Three: Mary Kay Naturally™ Nourishing Oil

Now, this stuff is life-changing. Recommended to use after cleansing to allow it to absorb in fresh skin but you can use it anytime on a bare face. Take a few drops on your hands and gently rub all over your face and allow to absorb. Your skin will never feel better! As stated before it can also be added into the Exfoliator, and it's not only for your face! You can use this product anywhere your skin needs a boost!


Step Four: Mary Kay Naturally™ Moisturizing Stick

Another all-around product, this moisturizing stick is not just for your face! Anywhere your skin is dry this will save it! I highly recommend using it on your hands because we all know this cold weather is not good for soft hands. Just glide the stick across your face, hands, etc and rub in! 

These products are amazing and I couldn’t recommend them more! I hope this helps you get the best use of the Mary Kay Naturally™ and you fall in love with these products like your Her Campus CWU babes have! Keep glowin’ ladies.