How to Get Into the Ho-Ho-Holiday Spirit

With the holidays quickly approaching, were running out of time to get out and enjoy holiday activities! Whether your idea of a good time is being the outdoors skiing, or sitting by a fire with a hot cup of hot cocoa, it's a time of year where you can bundle up and (hopefully) enjoy the season.

Here is a list of fun things you can do by yourself, with some friends or even your significant other!


  1. Go ice skating

  2. Go to a holiday bazaar

  3. Drive around and look at Christmas lights with friends

  4. Buy yourself some eggnog (dairy free options available) and drink it up!

  5. Watch holiday movies! (Hallmark always has exactly what you’re looking for)

  6. For those who celebrate Christmas, go to your local mall and get a photo with Santa

  7. Take a night to yourself, bake some goodies and watch Elf on repeat

  8. THROW AN UGLY SWEATER PARTY and invite all your ugly sweater loving friends 

  9. Buy a festive scented candle for your house

  10. Create a banger playlist with all of your favorite holiday songs

  11. Buy your pet a holiday sweater, its hilarious and adorable

  12. Hangup some Christmas lights around your apartment

  13. Google random cookies you can make from ingredients in your kitchen (look at cake box cookies, my new favorite)

  14. Think of all the things you have to be thankful for

  15. Get started on holiday shopping for your loved ones, we both know it can really take a toll on your bank account when you buy everything at once come the end of December

Now, don't forget kiddos, the holidays are a special time of year when we get to celebrate everyone and everything we love and appreciate. It's not too hard to stop thinking and get lost in a holiday movie with friends and family all around. Don't forget to have fun this season and get ready for a very happy new year!

Hey her campus chapter, do you have any recommendations for getting into the holiday spirit! If so, leave us some comments below with your ideas.