How to Fill Your Room With Immaculate Vibes

Everyone is pretty much stuck in their rooms all the time now, so I figure it’s about time I write an article about how to make your room as nice to be in as possible. Of course, these are things I think make a room super comfortable and the vibes on point, so your taste may differ, but I’d consider my room to be pretty sweet.

Add Some Lighting

laptop on desk with himalayan salt lamp Pexels / Andrea Davis Lamps are far superior to overhead lights. Lamps and those light-up salt rocks are the best way to light a room up, and I’d highly suggest investing in some for improved vibes.

Invest in Art

Whether it’s tapestries, prints, paintings, whatever you prefer, bare walls are never the way to go in my opinion. I like to find artwork on Etsy to go on my walls, and I’m still working on covering them in different places. Plus, you can make your own art to hang on your walls!


Black cat with plants Photo by Inna Yatsun on Unsplash Just do me a favor and go buy three plants for your room. There are many plants that require very little upkeep and don’t die super easily like succulents, plus there are plenty of pretty pots to put your plants in that just add to the cuteness. I usually struggle to keep plants alive, but I've managed to find some that I haven't accidentally killed off yet! Plants add a nice touch to every room and are good for the air.

Candles, Incense, and Essential Oils

Ellieelien Ellieelien / Unsplash I like to get all three. A room that smells good is one that’s nice to be in. Essential oils are nice to put in a diffuser, I have one that lights up and changes colors and it’s definitely a positive touch. Sometimes the inhaling of scents can actually be relaxing and can help you distress. 

Combine Functionality and Style

Carmen Lopez via Unsplash If you’re buying something for functionality, go for something that’s also pleasing to the eyes. I got cute makeup organizers, jewelry holders, and other things like that, and they’re all great for making my room feel organized and visually appealing.

My favorite place to buy things for my room is Etsy and I would definitely recommend looking on there for all your room’s needs. Hopefully, some of these room decor tips come in mind if you're planning on changing your bedroom around in the future!