How CWU Wildcats De-Stress During Finals Week

Finals week for all college students can be a stressful ending to a quarter however, finding the balance between stu-dying and unwinding can be healthy and helpful when looking for and attending events your university has to offer. Specifically, Central Washington University has a range of entertaining and fun-filled activities for their students going through finals week before reaching spring break. Here is the breakdown of events coming to you at CWU:

Friday, March 8 – Sunday, March 10: Central Theater Ensemble Presents: The Transition of Doodle Pequeño

This play presented by Central’s Theater Ensemble is a comedy for all age groups about two boys who become friends despite coming from different backgrounds. The play is bilingual, having both Spanish and English speaking and tackles problems of bullying. The venue is Milo Smith Tower Theater and is $8 for CWU students with an ID. Tickets can be bought here: and is recommended to be purchased in advance. I have personally enjoyed other productions at Central such as “Picnic” that was introduced in the fall, so I would recommend attending and giving your other fellow students support!

Saturday, March 9, 9-12 am: Late Night Carnival

In the Student Union and Recreation Center, there will be a free carnival for CWU students to attend. You can enjoy free food, giant inflatables with obstacle courses, temporary tattoos, and other exciting activities so bring your friends!

Monday, March 11, 5-7 pm: Mindful Monday: Art Therapy with Bob Ross

Bring your creativity and friends to a Bob Ross painting activity at the Surc Pit! Provided to you by the Wellness Center, be prepared to create beautiful landscapes just like Ross himself. If painting is not relaxing, try coloring as it is another creative tool to keep your stress under control.

Monday, March 11, 4-7 pm: Paws and Relax

On the second floor of Brooks Library, there will be a furry visit of dogs and puppies to cuddle with and support you during finals week! Canine companions always tend to be a great source of therapy during times of stress. If finals are getting you down in the dumps, try meeting these super friendly dogs for a few hours!

Tuesday, March 12, 8pm: Waffle Night at Brooks Library

In the Brooks Library Fishbowl, there will be free waffles, warm coffee, and tea for students to enjoy while recharging from studying. Every quarter during finals week this event takes place provided by the library staff so there’s no need to have FOMO. Fun Fact: Fall quarter 1,600 waffles were served at this event and they want to achieve an even larger record this quarter! Who doesn’t like the sound of free waffles?!

As all these CWU events contribute to help decrease the suffering of studying for finals, there are also other ways to de-stress without having to leave your home. Stress busters such as self-care with creating your own little spa or trying out meditation are beneficial in taking care of yourself. Good luck out there and try to think positive on your last week!